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SLEEP: The sciences (New album, full streaming)

  1. The Sciences Sleep 3:04
  2. Marijuanaut's Theme Sleep 6:40
  3. Sonic Titan Sleep 12:27
  4. Antarcticans Thawed Sleep 14:23
  5. Giza Butler Sleep 10:03
  6. The Botanist Sleep 6:27

Nuevo disco de Monster Magnet: Mindfucker (Full streaming)

  1. Rocket Freak Monster Magnet 3:30
  2. When the Hammer Comes Down Monster Magnet 5:48
  3. All Day Midnight Monster Magnet 3:59
  4. Brainwashed Monster Magnet 3:22
  5. Ejection Monster Magnet 2:54
  6. Want Some Monster Magnet 5:49
  7. Drowning Monster Magnet 7:21
  8. I'm God Monster Magnet 6:16
  9. Mindfucker Monster Magnet 5:00
  10. Soul Monster Magnet 5:27

Godsmack new single: Bullet proof (Full Streaming)

La banda de rock pesado Godsmack vuelve con un nuevo disco “When legend rises”,el seguidor de 1000hp (2014) se estrenará en Abril. Puedes escuchar un adelanto “Bullet proof” Abajo.

Hard rock band Godsmack comes back with a new record “When legend rises”,following 1000hp (2014), such record will be released on April.You can hear in advance “Bullet proof” below.

Dog Chasing Sun (Instrumental,stoner,post rock) lanza nuevo disco (Full stream)

El proyecto ruso,conformado por un solo integrante el cual toca todos los instrumentos lanza su primer LP.

The project conformed by one member which plays all instruments on the album release his first record.

S. Kosin: All Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keys, Drums Programming
A. Khokhlova: Art