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Alice in Chains VideoMix

Antofagasta, Julio 2018
Virtual dj 8 controlador Behringer bcd3000

Mix Rock Psicodélico IV (Qotsa, Monster magnet, Samsara blues experiment,etc)

Antofagasta, home studio, October 2017

Video selection # 7 (Rock Industrial)

Recorded from facebook live on March 26th

Video selection # 6 (Good electronic music)

Recorded from facebook live broadcasting on March 23st

Video selection # 5 (Rock variado,variety)

Recorded from Facebook live broadcasting on March 21st

Video Selection # 4 (TRIP HOP)

Compilación grabada (Recorded from) desde Facebook live

Video Selection #3 (Rock alternativo, grunge)

Grabación trasmitida en

Vide recorded live from

Dj Loncho video selection # 2 (Industrial, Numetal)

Dj Loncho video selection # 1 (Rock variado,variety)

Video transmitido en los programas de facebook live en

Video recorded from facebook live broadcasting on this page

L7 regresa con su primer video desde los 90´s (New video)

La banda de Los Angeles estrena su video I came back to bitch,el primer video desde su separación hacia fines de los 90´s.

The L.A band release their first video since they disbanded on the late 90´s.